Scope & Standard

“Here is what we check out !

1. Legal

IT contracts with your partners are the cornerstones of cyber-strategy.

No contract, no chocolate !

2. Technologies

First of all, are your software and assets up to date?

No patch, no security...

3. Governance

Did you define rules, accompany and supervise your employees ?


An Internet Charter for example...

4. Social Engineering

Cyber-security is not just about technology... it’s also about human reflexes.

Do you really believe that there’s no virus on your USB key?

5. Human Resources

Did you know that 99% of cyber-risks  arise from human error?

Raise awareness in ALL your employees! Train them, Educate them.


General Data Protection Regulation...

THE European regulation of the Digital Era

“We have selected for you

the most relevant questions

from the world's best standards and benchmarks "

1. O.C.D.E 

Guidelines for the Security of Information Systems and Networks

To foster economic prosperity and social development

2. Sarbanes-Oxley

3. Cobit

"Control Objectives for Information and related Technology"

To introduce best practices to audit and govern your IT systems

To monitor the IT processing of your accounting and financial documents.

Our Consultants are Black Belt certified


"Expression des Besoins et Identification des Objectifs de Sécurité" 

IT risk assessment method created in 1995 and currently maintained by ANSSI (The French National Digital Security Agency).


A global association which is independent and nonprofit, and provides IT professionals with security knowledge

You have it all: information security, insurance, risk management and governance

6. ISO

International Organization for Standardization

27001, 27005… we draw on the best of these standards.

We have also built our tool around the best of our experience as IS and Cyber-Security Directors. More than 20 years of field and international experience, in SME or multinational companies enables us to provide you with a condensed, 100% factual business intelligence..

No blabla !

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